Closers are customers whose tipping is very picky.Most of them has frowning faces and has very high places in government,such as Quinn and Jojo.Some,has lower places like all the others left.The Closers' Leader is Jojo the Food Critic.Mostly,they come at the end of the day and they are very impolite.

Taco Mia ClosersEdit

  • Allan - a man with bratty personality and an extreme keyboard pianist.
  • Rico - a fat guy who's in charge of the Mototcycle Gang.Boss of Akari.
  • Robby - a teenager who's a huge pirate fan.
  • Quinn - a local lawyer and a strict boss to Timm.
  • Xandra - a crazy girl with a lot of imagination.
  • Jojo - a local food critic who awards the best restaurants with a Blue Ribbon.
  • Akari-a woman who's an expert in motorcycling.Her boss is Rico.

Freezeria ClosersEdit

  • Gremmie - an electric guitar rocker and had a ghosty appearance.
  • Quinn - the local lawyer.
  • Captain Cori - the captain of the famous boat S.S Louie who brought the customers.
  • Robby - the pirate fan.
  • Jojo - the local food critic.
  • Xandra - an bratty girl with imagination.
  • Kahuna - a guy with a strict personality and Chuck's strict boss.

Pancakeria ClosersEdit

  • Quinn - the top-lawyer.
  • Xandra - the girl with imagination.
  • Hank - the Maple Village local policeman.
  • Johnny - a naughty lumberjack who lives at Maple Village.
  • Kahuna - the Surf Shop owner.
  • Jojo - the food critic.
  • Ninjoy - a fierce ninja warrior who catches criminals and smugglers.

Wingeria ClosersEdit

  • Boomer - a living cannonball icon of Starlight City.
  • Quinn - the local top-lawyer.
  • Xolo - an obese bratty boy whose twin is Xandra.
  • Johnny - an perfectly awful lumberjack.
  • Ninjoy - the ninja warrior.
  • Jojo - the food critic.
  • Professor Fitz - the awesome scientist or professor from Starlight University.

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